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Take Advantage Of Google Office Apps

10085651463_0d84f93859_bGoogle Apps uses Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Slides to harness the power of traditional office software and bring it to you over their dedicated servers. There is no additional sharepoint software or extensive server software that you need to set this up, it’s already to go for instant collaboration over the cloud and accessible to as many people as you need. It’s streamlined for instant connectivity through tablets and other mobile devices so that when projects need to be worked on while you’re out of the office, you can still have them right at your fingertips.


Start Writing With Google Docs

Google_docsCompatible with just about any office word processor, Google Docs can get you started on your important documents that need to be composed with just the right touch. With all kinds of templates to choose from and all the tools you need to format and perfect your pages, Google Docs is the premier word processor you can find right at your fingertips. You can even get third-party add ons to Google Docs and increase its functionality for your projects.


Bring Your Spreadsheets And Forms To Life

Google Sheets grants you the opportunity to create spreadsheets for displaying everything from simple calculations to complex formulas that show trends and growth within your company. You can also have graphs integrated into your spreadsheets and choose the way you want the data displayed in the final printed document. Integrating other documents such as pdf files can also be done using Google Sheets and bringing them hand in hand with Google Forms makes them easy and quick to retrieve the data needed.


Google forms are similar to forms you might create using database software except you don’t need all the fancy coding or SQL servers to make your database with. Google has it all ready to go for you and you can set up your forms for anyone at any time to use. The forms are easily embedded into your webpages or distributed across your networks and sent back into the cloud. You can analyze the data collected in your forms in realtime or have it sent to your Google sheets to comprise the tables or charts you’ve designed. These apps are designed to handle heavy traffic on your forms, including up to as much as 2 million cells of data.

Build High Quality Presentations With Google Slides

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When it comes time to make a large proposition or make an important presentation to your peers or a large audience, Google Slides is the perfect tool for you. It has all kinds of customizable templates to texts and image enhancements and gives you some great backgrounds to work with. You can even design your own templates to use with your slides and get them looking completely the way you want. Google even provides live chat for multiple users collaborating on one slide and helps keep your team on the same page as far as the project goes.