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Keep Your Team Connected Through Mail And Chat

download (5)The importance of always staying in touch with your peers or employees cannot be understated and nobody knows this better than Google. While many people already take advantage of Google’s free email and chat apps, the Google Apps for business provide so much more for you and your business and does so across a high-powered content delivery system. While taking full advantage of some of these features does require fast and reliable machines or internet service on your end, you can be sure Google will bring ultra-reliable service on their end to keep you up and running and everyone on your team on track and on schedule.

Get More Out Of Gmail

This version of Gmail has all the features of Google’s free version, but in addition you can make your email accounts customized to contain your domain name within them. You can store so much more emails in your inbox and you can have up to 30 different aliases for each of your user. Support is available 24/7 in this paid version of Gmail and it can be easily accessed offline when you need to compose messages. It’s customizable and can be used across many different clients including Thunderbird and Apple Mail, and you can import emails from certain legacy clients using Gmail’s migration tools. Also built into Gmail is chat, video chat, quick links to join a video conference on Hangouts, and access to other communication features.


download (6)Google’s calendar app keeps things flowing by posting your schedule in an easy-to-access location and keeping everyone in the loop with your events. Having shared calendars allows all persons involved to post when they’re available, post meeting times, and many other features. You can also share your calendars all the way from individuals within your various departments, schedules for the whole departments, or schedules for your whole company itself. Google has alert features to remind you whether you’re on the computer or on your mobile device, so that you don’t miss anything important. If you have an online meeting you need to join via Hangouts, all you have to do is just click to do so.


Host Meetings Through Hangouts

Sometimes not everyone can be at a meeting in person, and sometimes there are important issues that must be brought up to people who are out doing fieldwork. With Google’s Hangouts you can host meetings through this videodownload (7) tool and stream them in high quality so that your audience can see and hear you clearly. You can have up to 15 hosts for your meeting in the normal Hangouts. If you host a meeting such as a webinar or conference that you would like streamed online to a large audience, you and your other hosts can do so with Hangouts On Air and your guests can attend by either visiting your hangout link or your YouTube channel. Hangouts runs on just about every device out there so your audience can always connect.